Monday, June 22, 2009


CAUTION: The following post is gross and slimy--
read at your own risk...

One morning early this Spring I woke up and could find neither of my boys. After looking around for a while this is how I found them...worm hunting.
Josh had to leave for work but Micah kept at it.
Close to 100 nightcrawlers in all their slimy glory!
When Katie woke up she wanted in on the fun too!
Homeschool Math lesson for the day--counting and sorting worms--gotta love homeschool!

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Red Lipstick Princess said...

Is it a bad thing that this didn't gross me out at all? Now if they were in my fridge among all my favorite goodies we might have issues. I think you've been reading my blog long enough to remember that post. (sigh)