Monday, June 22, 2009


CAUTION: The following post is gross and slimy--
read at your own risk...

One morning early this Spring I woke up and could find neither of my boys. After looking around for a while this is how I found them...worm hunting.
Josh had to leave for work but Micah kept at it.
Close to 100 nightcrawlers in all their slimy glory!
When Katie woke up she wanted in on the fun too!
Homeschool Math lesson for the day--counting and sorting worms--gotta love homeschool!

Micah Turns 6

I am a month late getting this up--its been a crazy Spring! Micah turned 6 in May and celebrated with family and friends. In my quest for non-cavity inducing treats for the goody bags I had a warped sense of humor moment in the favor aisle and decided on yucky teeth instead of candy.The gang modeling their yucky teeth.The dino cake was a hit.Micah's chosen birthday dinner (which we all ate along with him)--Sloppy Joes, Blue Bag Doritors, Cheezits, Ritz Crackers, Mandarin Oranges, Pink Lemonade and 3 rolos for dessert. So there's nothing green in there, but believe me it was an improvement over his five year old choice--balogna, cantaloupe, and strawberries.

Wilder Amish Country

Historical fiction has quickly become Katie's favorite genre. She has been working her way through the Little House on the Prairie Series both by book and Netflix. We went with Mom and Dad for a day trip up to Amish country and stopped at an official Laura Ingalls Wilder site in Burr Oak, Iowa.
Papa Paul and Boby with the kidlets in front of a hotel that Pa and Ma once managed.
Katie and Micah on the banks of Silver creek--they played for a while along this same creek where Laura and Mary once played.
The Amish are wary of being photographed too much so I was attempting to be discreet, but couldn't resist a few shots. We passed this horse and buggy several miles from the shop--he arrived just a few minutes after we did--obviously a hard working horse!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Wheels

Micah made the switch!!  This year has been full of transition for us--the move, job, homeschool, teeth falling out, hair pulling out, land/home searching, reading, division, more hair pulling out, etc.  I smile every time I jump in the car with the kids and hear click, click as they both buckle themselves in with no help from me.  My babies are growing up--when it doesn't make me sad to think of how fast they will be out of the house it is extremely satisfying to see the little signs of independence that they accomplish along the way.  It is hard to hope to be a good enough mom to one day be put out of my job--but I do!!

My Dad has taken Micah on several bike rides on a trail behind bike attached to his bike--they decided it was time for Micah to loose the training wheels and venture out on his own!
And he is off...
Now that is sheer concentration on my little guys face
It may be pink--but it has two wheels and gets the job done!  Micah's bike is still in storage--a big thanks to a co-homeschooling mom who let us use this bike!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter at the Kearns'

Easter Sunday the kids and I drove to Cedar Falls to celebrate Easter with Josh's family.

Nana and the kidlets dividing up the spoils.
My nephew Boogie with a mouth full of chocolate--YUM!
My nephew Tyson.
Ty worrying about something.
Katie Grace listening to Nana.
Papa Keith taking it all in.
Jess and the eggies.
Boogie and Dave.
Boogie must have worn him out.

Easter at the Prescott's

Bobi and Papa with the kids and their baskets full of eggs.
Katie and Micah with their baskets--ok so they are a bit spoiled.
Katie on the hunt for eggs.
Micah in his most comfortable speed--FAST.  He kept shouting, "This is the best day of my life!!!"

Easter Egg Thief

We had a wonderful Easter with our families.  Easter Saturday the Easter Bunny left a LOT of eggs in the yard while the kids were at lunch with Papa.  I came home from a quick errand to find that a squirrel had decided the kids didn't need ALL those eggs--so he helped himself to one.

This fat little squirrel looked as if he knew exactly what he was doing--he clutch the egg, ran up a tree and whacked it on a tree limb to crack it open--he nibbled off the top and ate some m&m's.  I asked my sister if squirrels ate eggs because he seemed to be so confident of what he was doing--she laughed at me hysterically and said, "Well, I don't know about eggs, but that's just what a squirrel would do with a nut."