Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Wheels

Micah made the switch!!  This year has been full of transition for us--the move, job, homeschool, teeth falling out, hair pulling out, land/home searching, reading, division, more hair pulling out, etc.  I smile every time I jump in the car with the kids and hear click, click as they both buckle themselves in with no help from me.  My babies are growing up--when it doesn't make me sad to think of how fast they will be out of the house it is extremely satisfying to see the little signs of independence that they accomplish along the way.  It is hard to hope to be a good enough mom to one day be put out of my job--but I do!!

My Dad has taken Micah on several bike rides on a trail behind bike attached to his bike--they decided it was time for Micah to loose the training wheels and venture out on his own!
And he is off...
Now that is sheer concentration on my little guys face
It may be pink--but it has two wheels and gets the job done!  Micah's bike is still in storage--a big thanks to a co-homeschooling mom who let us use this bike!!

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