Monday, June 22, 2009

Wilder Amish Country

Historical fiction has quickly become Katie's favorite genre. She has been working her way through the Little House on the Prairie Series both by book and Netflix. We went with Mom and Dad for a day trip up to Amish country and stopped at an official Laura Ingalls Wilder site in Burr Oak, Iowa.
Papa Paul and Boby with the kidlets in front of a hotel that Pa and Ma once managed.
Katie and Micah on the banks of Silver creek--they played for a while along this same creek where Laura and Mary once played.
The Amish are wary of being photographed too much so I was attempting to be discreet, but couldn't resist a few shots. We passed this horse and buggy several miles from the shop--he arrived just a few minutes after we did--obviously a hard working horse!

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